Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010-11 Early NBA Playoff predictions

Based on the rankings from my previous post, here is how I think the playoffs would play out.

1st Round
East: (1) Miami defeats (8) Charlotte
(2) Orlando defeats (7) New York
(3) Boston defeats (6) Milwaukee
(4) Chicago defeats (5) Atlanta

West: (1) L.A. Lakers defeat (8) Phoenix
(2) Oklahoma City defeats (7) Houston
(3) San Antonio defeats (6) Portland
(5) Utah defeats (4) Dallas

Conference Semifinals
East: (1) Miami defeats (4) Chicago
(3) Boston defeats (2) Orlando

West: (1) L.A. Lakers defeat (5) Utah
(3) San Antonio defeats (2) Oklahoma City

Conference Finals
East: (1) Miami defeats (3) Boston
West: (1) L.A. Lakers defeat (3) San Antonio


NBA Finals: So it comes down to these teams. The super-talented SuperFriends vs. the champs from Hollywood. Will the Heat get enough support from their role players? Can they matchup with the Lakers big men? Can the Heat gel in time to win a title in their first season with the current roster? Will injuries play a factor in who wins? How about home court?
This could go either way, but here is my pick:
Miami defeats L.A. Lakers

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