Saturday, August 4, 2007

Take a look at some things I've written lately

I just thought I would give my readers (that's right, plural--I'm referring to both of them) a little update on what I've done recently.
So here are some articles I have written in the last few months for The Daily Universe at BYU. There are sports articles and summaries of seminars/classes. Some are opinion columns, some are front-page stories, and so on. Yahoo and have posted some of these on their Web sites.

Education Week at BYU (all kinds of classes are taught during a week between summer and fall semesters at the Y)
Humor from Church Leaders: Funny, but not offensive
Why problems develop after marriage
The art of being gracious (frong page)
Men and Women: Unique insights on divine roles
First Vision
Seven striking features of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Rocky Mountain Revue/Basketball
Life for an NBA first round pick (also on
NBA summer league not a typical summer job (front page and reached #1 for most viewed at

NBA opinion columns
My prediction for the NBA Finals
The future of the Utah Jazz
Thoughts on the suspensions in the Suns-Spurs series

Max Hall's first game as BYU's quarterback
OR on Yahoo OR Newsnet
Success of BYU football recruiting
(front page)
OR on Yahoo
Bronco Mendenhall extends contract to coach BYU (front page):
OR on Yahoo

Season preview and preseason awards (BYU and Mountain West Conference)