Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drama King James

After at least two years of mainstream speculation among media and fans alike, coveted NBA free agent LeBron James is set to announce which team he will sign with. In fact, he has decided to go through with a televised one-hour special to make his official declaration, with advertising revenue going to the Boys & Girls Club. While the charity work is a nice gesture, LeBron is really building the drama to bring attention to himself.
The only way James comes out a winner -- in the minds of most fans and pundits, anyway -- is to stay in Cleveland. Imagine if he leaves: he will be leaving his hometown (he was born and raised in Akron, less than one hour away from Cleveland) team after having lifted them from the doldrums of the league to somewhere near the top of it. He wouldn't be finishing what he started (does that make him a "quitter?"). He would also be delivering a gut punch to the Cleveland fans who have dealt with Earnest Byner's fumble, Michael Jordan's game-winning shot, John Elway's drive and the Indians falling short in the World Series. Remember, this is virtually his hometown.
If he stays in Cleveland, he will continue to be revered by the Cavs faithful, as Cleveland lets out a collective sigh of relief.
Would he really make a big ESPN presentation just to say he is staying with his team? On the other hand, if he is switching teams, would he really announce it on national television with so many Clevelanders watching? Wouldn't this making his departure more painful?
One thing is certain: King James is certainly letting the drama build.
Drama King James, that is.

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