Monday, November 17, 2008

Unusual combinations- Brat Tail: a maple bar and bratwurst

No, I'm not making this up. At BYU football games, you can get something called a brat tail (that's brat, as in bratwurst - not a spoiled, whiny person), which is one of the stadium's extra long maple bars, or "Cougar Tails," sliced down the middle and used as a hot dug bun for a 1/3-pound bratwurst.
A Brat Tail. That's what it's called and it really must have some of the most interesting combinations of flavors you'd never want to try. On second thought, maybe it's no more strange than those peanut butter-and-pickle sandwiches I ate as a kid (no joke!).


Check out what this food critic has to say about the Brat Tail on video.
Photo, video, and further description of the Brat Tail experience can be found here.
Amazingly, Average Joe's Sports Blog calls the Brat Tail "excellent."
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