Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet 16 ... but not 17

If you had the chance to have the best 16th birthday ever, but you wouldn't be guaranteed a 17th, would you take that?
Me neither.

But since we're talking about football here, how about this example: you're told your team will win 16 games in a row, but not a 17th. How does that sound?
Most people would be cool with that, I think.

But some of the extreme BYU faithful seem to think the end of their longest-in-the-nation winning streak is the end of their lives season. The loss to TCU is probably the end of their hopes to get into a BCS game, although if they win out (perhaps a dicey proposition at this point), who knows what could happen?

The point is, Cougar fans, to be grateful for the team's success. We all know you/we wanted more, but this team just isn't up there with the elite teams (Texas, Oklahoma, etc.). So take a time-out and consider how much the team has accomplished these past three seasons.

(AP Photos/Donna McWilliam)

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ASH said...

Excellent points; be thankful for what you have. Meanwhile in the northwest (sad in terms of football) land of Cougars, just 5 years removed from 3-peat 10 win seasons, another streak just ended with WSU being shutout for the first time in 24 years, ending the 4th all-time longest streak of scoring. This has been a sad set of months for NW sports; I'm hoping Cougar basketball will be something to look forward to. Keep up the good work!