Sunday, March 16, 2008

Check out my stuff--It's tight!

A few months ago, I linked to an article I did for Schooled Magazine that gave some tips on making friends. The next month, I did an article on date ideas--creative, unique and romantic date ideas. Click on any link in this paragraph and read page 8. Unfortunately, they misspelled my last name in the byline, but oh well.

Coming up soon in Schooled Magazine, you should see these articles I wrote: 1) something on health foods and health food stores. What does it take to be healthy? and 2) A profile of Chicago hip-hop artist Prince Early The Magnanimous. Prince is now living in Utah and his second album is coming out soon. He's even backed by a jazz band at some of his performances.

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rob said...


When you do that article about Mananimous, could you give me a holler? I'm ging to set up another show at Velour with Prince and the band.

Rob Bennion