Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It Finally Happened!

So I feel like I've been engaged for a few weeks because Patricia and I have had our wedding date (12/29/07) set up for a while and we've been planning the wedding details and looking for an apartment, but I hadn't popped the question.

Until tonight.

9/17/07 is a date that will go down in infamy, when I made a proposal. I took my lady to Rock Canyon Park where we took blankets and a pillow to a grassy hill overlooking the city lights and the Provo Temple and underlooking (?) the stars.

You know what's cool? This headlight thingy that can be used for looking under carhoods, cleaning out clogged drains and making middle-of-the-night pit stops (not that I ever did any of that!) was used to help me propose.

It was dark outside, so naturally I strapped the light around my head, tried to get cozy, and read a temple prep manual to my sweetie. A little while later, I said I had another thing I wanted to read to her. She consented and I proceeded to read her a poem I had written recently. At the end of the poem, I asked if she would marry me. Something strange must have come over her to make her say yes.

Before we said good night, we went to her place, she called her parents and we chatted a little bit. She showed off her bling bling and her dad kidded me and mentioned that I really took my time to propose. Her mom cried when I re-read the poem over the webcam. I went home and woke up, er, called my parents and told them the news. Of course, they were happy, too.


tender nerd said...

Congratulations Sam!
Sounds like a great way to propose..

Good luck with all your plans!
You should definitely learn Portuguese now.. :-)

Brad said...

Congrats Jefe!

I am a big fan of the whole marriage thing!


Sarady said...

congrats man! i was hoping that was the good news. hey, by the way i am in yak town working at yvcc.


BriannaHolt said...

Congrats, Sam! I'm excited to meet her!