Saturday, February 24, 2007

Now is the time to make fun of myself

Well, gente, it's time to poke fun at the serious folks who promote backpack-wearing safety. Of course, I include myself in this group of select human beings.

Let me explain: earlier this month I walked into the newsroom for BYU's The Daily Universe. I just wanted to use a computer for a few minutes, but the powers that be saw I was dressed up (I had a presentation in class that day), so they said I could "model" a backpack for an upcoming Universe story about the crisis of heavy backpacks plaguing college students. Starved for media attention, I decided to sign up for the job--unpaid, of course--and let my photogeneity (am I making up words now?) shine.

Of course people from class or my intramural team or church mentioned they saw my picture in the paper. They said I was famous. They said I was doing the world a service by promoting awareness about a new issue, blah, blah (ok, no one really said that).

I even got e-mails from friends about the picture. Below are some quotes from them.

"Very nice Scorup! I could learn a thing or two from you!"
"I didn't know you were an expert in the field of backpack safety"
"I would not be surprised if you get calls wanting you to model for a back pack company"
So there you have it, folks. The people have spoken.
Oh, yeah. The best/worst one of all is the caption that went with the photo:
"Sam Scorup demonstrates proper backpack-wearing techniques."
Whatever that means. The reporter told me the backpack shouldn't hang more than four inches below the waist. Good to know.


Luciana Loureiro said...

Way to go Cunhadinho... hehehehe Well, I loved the impact you caused among BYU Campus heheheh You are the best! Keep up with the backpack ads, maybe you will be working soon for five stars or Jansport! heheeh beijos

tender nerd said...
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