Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Sam Scorup blog. It's a new site and has a limited number of features right now, but that will change. Take a look at some of the Web sites that I've posted links to. Also, you can scope out a couple of nice pictures. Thanks to everyone that helped with the photos and stuff. They're fantastic!

This blog is starting as an assignment for a class at BYU, but I'm hoping it turns out to be a fun project. I'm excited for it and I hope to be able to post some meaningful information and get some good discussion going on the site.

Feel free to read what I wrote about a hometown friend who plays on the BYU football team, the rise of international players in the NBA, and an article on the changes in marriage age among Latter-day Saints. The Keele article was published in the Tri-City Herald (you folks from home know this paper), and the other two were printed in BYU's The Daily Universe. However, here you can find the full text--not the cut-down, lame print versions. You know what that means--these versions are Sam Scorup exclusives, found only on this blog, baby! Consider yourselves lucky.

Que Dios los bendiga,


Luciana Loureiro said...

Dear Cunhadinho Sam,

I nearly died laughing of the Brazilian Beauty, it was so funny but it was cute... Can you please change that picture of Patricia and I, we have better ones.. Why do you have only pics of your dad, how about your sweet mom? Beijos, The best cunhada ever (MEEEEEEEEEE!)

Sam Scorup said...


I put up the milk bottle picture of you and Patricia from Colorado. Hopefully you like that one

I don't really have pictures on the computer so I'm using the ones I can get from other people and from the internet.

Luciana Loureiro said...

I'm writing this comment so you will get excited to see one more at your blogggggggg anyways... Let's rock tonight?! beijos, cunhada

muglestons said...

Sam. Love the blog. How are things?

Brady and Fam.

Ginny said...

Hi Sam,

Hope you keep up the blog. I found it by accident. If you want a fairly current picture of your folks, check out the family website, Your family was the "Featured Family" last month (under archived info now); the picture of your folks was taken last September in Sequim. BTW, cute picture of you and Trish. <: